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CPB-SPB-RWP proposed 18 points to EC
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Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Socialist Party of Bangladesh (SPB) and Revolutionary Workers Party (RWP) have jointly given 18-point recommendation at the meeting with the Election Commission (EC) ahead of next parliamentary election. The meeting was held at the Nirbachan Bhaban at Agargaon on 19th December. They urged the commission not to create any obstacle for competent but financially incapable candidates by Caution Money. CPB President Mujahidul Islam Selim, General Secretary Md. Shah Alam, Presidium Member Abdullah Al Kafee Ratan, SPB General Secretary Khalequzzaman, Central Leader Jahedul Haque Milu, RWP General Secretary Saiful Haque and Politbureau Member Akbar Khan were also present at the meeting. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda, Election Commissioner Md. Rafiqul Islam and Brig Gen (Rtd) Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury attended the meeting on behalf of the commission. In his introductory remarks in the meetting, Mujahidul Islam Selim said, "Earlier, we gave respective opinion to the commission for a free, fair and neutral election and for establishing a democratic culture in the country. We think that these recommendations are urgent for a free, fair and acceptable election. No amendment is needed in the constitution and the Representation of the People Order (RPO) to implement most of our recommendations. The commission itself can implement them." RWP general secretary Saiful Haque presented the 18-point recommendations on behalf of the delegation. SPB general secretary Khalequzzaman presented several evidence of the violation of election code of conduct by large parties in Rangpur City Corporation election. In their speeches, the CEC and the other commissioners admitted the importance of many recommendations and pledged to implement them gradually. The 18-points are: 1) Reduce Caution Money of candidates of the parliamentary elections to 5 (Five) thousands. 2) Provide the free CDs of the voter list rather than the compulsion of buying them. 3) Make the TIN compulsory for those who are able to pay income tax, not for all. 4) Provide facility to submit nomination form online. It will help to avoid chaos and tension over nomination submission. 5) Bring civil administration, armed forces, cabinet, home affairs, public administration, finance and election related ministries under the Election Commission after issuing the election schedule. 6) A candidate must be the active member of his party for more than Five years. Ensure that no corrupt, black money holder, loan defaulter, looter, smuggler, convicted, war criminal and criminal against humanity can be the candidate in the election. 7) Stop nomination trade and launch transparent nomination process. 8) Arrange the introduction meeting for the candidates in every area. 9) Determine the highest election expenditure at 3 lakh. 10) Monitor the election expenditure of the candidates. Provide the statement of the wealth of every candidate and their family members to the media. Give the opportunity to every voter to challenge these statements. 11) Stop the oath of the elected candidates if they do not submit the election income and cost statements within 7 days. Take legal actions for any false statements. 12) Stop muscle power and arms in the election. Deploy any force to ensure the security of the voters. 13) Strictly stop the abuse of religion and communalism in the election. Ban any direct and indirect election campaign and distributing leaflets in mosques, temples, churches and wazes. Stop campaigning based on regionalism. 14) Exercise the existing controlling system of campaigning and cancel the candidacy for violation of election code of conduct. 15) Demarcate parliamentary constituencies based on voters. 16) Provide the list of the presiding officers, assistant presiding officers, polling officers and polling stations to the candidates two weeks before the election so that any allegations can be dismissed by the time. 17) Do not launch EVM. 18) Conditions of the registration of political parties are contradictory to the constitution. Abolish the undemocratic and unconstitutional articles of the RPO. Abolish the rule of collecting the sign of 1% voter for the independent candidates.

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